Syual is a pen name from a bygone era and is now the parent enterprise for many endeavors. Syual now represents a diverse interest in aspects ranging from science and technology to arts and adventures.

On our sites you may find poetry, crafts, travel ideas, scientific analysis of the world (and food!), and so much more.

If you are interested in the person behind Syual, please visit my LinkedIn Page:

With backgrounds in Computer Sciences and Biological Sciences, I take an analytical view of the world and see it as both components and complex systems. This view is then applied to my many interests. If you would like to contact me regarding any professional services, please do so through LinkedIn.

News and Updates

2017-12-07: Launch of Drs. Dooley!

The Drs. Dooley web site features our crafts, travels, and scientific explorations of the world around us. Check it out!

2017-12-02: Relaunch of

The website is in the process of an overhaul to the "new" Google Sites. Please stay tuned as our sub-pages are converted and updated.